Why the Yoast SEO readability score is a bunch of cow dung.

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Here’s how I know.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years. I’m no Ernest Hemingway but I’m reasonably articulate and have several hundred thousand social media followers.

When I started seeing poor readability scores I began to test. I posted one Nobel prize winner’s article – an article written by three veteran reporters in the Washington Post and one article from a well-respected reporter with the Huffington Post.

All three articles got a “poor readability”. Now here’s the rub. – Just for shi#ts I put in a table with six cells each cell containing six Alpha characters – six a’s six b’s and so forth.

That post scored a Yoast “readability ok”


I brought this to the attention of Yoast support. The response was “we’ll get back to you”. 

The Yoast readability score is not trust worthy much like their new internal linking count. IMHO

2 thoughts on “Why the Yoast SEO readability score is a bunch of cow dung.”

  1. Interesting! I’m new to SEO Yoast and SEO in general and had been wondering how reliable that readability score thing was. I’m pretty confident about my writing skills but keep coming up with that “poor readability” tag, so thanks for noting this, it means I’m not crazy haha!

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