Recap Of Google Small Business Meetup 10/09/2018 @ Tapster Chicago

Greetings Google small business event attendees.


Tapster is nothing short of amazing in how they come to market.

(although they should make their website HTTPS – we can help 🙂

I’d like to thank Google who sponsored the event, for their generosity.

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Why You Don’t Know Jack About WordPress Migrations

We are  migrating our WordPress blog to a new host

We will add the Woocommerce plugin and then migrate all the data from our current zen cart ecommerce store to the new woocommerce store


my short list is a you and you and has gone down so you


I don’t see pricing on


I may go with 2 hosts because we have 4 

‘hobby” sites that are realy small but our current site gets 100,000 pageviews/mo and I like dedicated servers.


Flywheel is cool because you can build your dev site on your desktop for free and when you’re ready to go live you can just push it to their servers no muss no fuss,


They also have something called “Blueprint” which maps out any number plug-ins that you use on a regular basis they can be added to any new site with a single click


Stay tuned


I’m old enough to have a Medicare card


Yet I Lord also over a dozen websites on three hosting platforms.


I make my living in have done so from e-commerce for 15 years.


Have 300,000 social media followers because of my expertise in captive bird husbandry.


I still have a thirst to learn something new every day.


My day gig is Windy City, been around since New Year’s Eve 2002 when my wife Catherine launched it.


Since then I’ve built dozens, hundred a more websites.


You get the picture. I know e-commerce.


3 WordPress hosts – reviewed 

For a convoluted set of reasons our current eCommerce platform is a hybrid WordPress/Zen cart.


This combination is not working on a number of levels especially SEO.


There are many reasons for it but I’ve suspected several which I’ve recently confirmed.

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How many developers and partners does it take to build a Zen Cart/WordPress hybrid website?

I read these mind numbing posts on LinkedIn groups.

“18 steps to better digital marketing” “the five things you must do to launch a website”

Really? When Rick Fisher of BookwormComputers and I had our fateful discussion Christmas week 2015 little did I know that it would take eight months to deploy the new website. The problem was I had moved the site six times and continued to apply digital duct tape with each move.

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