Why Open Source Is An Experts Choice For Ecommerce Vs Hosted Platforms

If I were a cockatiel my crown would stand up straight when reading articles comparing web hosting sites like Shopify to WordPress.

cockatiel with crown up


There are other examples but to start because it appears that many people don’t understand the cord differences.


Shopify is a hosted platform.


You rent their servers, use their templates and are beholden to their support.


I think Shopify has about 600,000 stores right now.


WordPress is open source – it’s free, anyone can start a WordPress site although they will lead a host with the server to mount it on.


There are about 77,000,000 WordPress sites globally – about 1/3 of all internet sites.



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Recap Of Google Small Business Meetup 10/09/2018 @ Tapster Chicago

Greetings Google small business event attendees.


Tapster is nothing short of amazing in how they come to market.

(although they should make their website HTTPS – we can help 🙂

I’d like to thank Google who sponsored the event, for their generosity.


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Leaving a search provider can be harder than leaving Las Vegas

I’d like to start out with an observation – If groups are so popular on LinkedIn why is there so much apathy?

One of my e-commerce groups (I’m in more than a dozen e-commerce and social media groups) has 323,000+ members and yet you won’t see 12 replies in the first 30 posts – just sayin’.

I am not a conversion rate expert but I have been running e-commerce websites for 17 years (as of 2019) and developed a sizable knowledge base watching the millions of visitors flow across my sites (along with the data).


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