Easy Hack For Getting Your Finances Under Control $20 At A Time

I wrote the following post in 2013 but never published it.

Six years later we are under the same precept.

Recently, we took it up farther than we ever should.

We moved our home and Windy City Parrot operations from the geographical center of Chicago to Lowell, Indiana a town of about 10,000 people surrounded by corn farms.

There’s only 5 stops light from one end of the main street (which we are on) to another.

We now have one lease instead of 2 and 4 fewer utility bills while eliminating 2 buildings to maintain.

Our State Farm vehicle insurance and business insurance dropped 50%.


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Recap Of Google Small Business Meetup 10/09/2018 @ Tapster Chicago

Greetings Google small business event attendees.


Tapster is nothing short of amazing in how they come to market.

(although they should make their website HTTPS – we can help 🙂

I’d like to thank Google who sponsored the event, for their generosity.


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How Obamacare is punishing my business & me

I’m type II diabetic – I see my physician four times a year – I’ve been seeing the same Physician for 14 years. Dr. J is tall good-looking – smart as a tack and always makes sure I’m in top health.

Before the recession I was paying $400 a month for a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy that pretty much paid out nothing. For a few years I gave it up.

When I would visit the good Dr. just prior to leaving I would present my debit card and I would be charged $52 for that visit.


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