How New Web Privacy Policies Are Killing Content Creators


My YouTube channel has been abducted  – please help me find it


After beginning an upload for a 17 minute video capturing the inner workings of Animal House of Chicago, a fine veterinary hospital we spent quality time at yesterday, I moved into the kitchen for breakfast.


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Running a fowl of copyright law

I sell bird toys – on the face of it it shouldn’t be that hard. Under the hood it’s hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

We’ve had a retail facility burn to the ground. We’ve had another retail facility flood with sewer water because of improper plumbing practices.

We’ve had another facility where the landlord blocked our loading dock with several thousand boxes of documents for months – the loading dock was the only reason we took the space to begin with.

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Patent trolls the scam that just keeps on taking.

A while back we received a letter from an attorney asking us to take down 4 images from our website on behalf of their client whose products we were no longer selling.

I’m busy and we have 75,000 images on the site. I did not know nor care what this lawyer was talking about and I kept asking them to tell me which 4 images to remove. 

Weeks later I get an email with the URLs of the four images – we removed them – I thought that ended things.

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