Why Paypal Working Capital Should Be An SMBs Go To Lender

Full transparency, my only relationship with PayPal is as a customer.

PayPal Working Capital was formerly Bill Me Later.

We’ve been using PayPal for 14 years and currently have three active accounts we use for selling online. 

Square is used for walk-in retail sales so we are able to separate Indiana cash and credit card sales for sales tax filing purposes.

Ironically 10% of all our online customers live in Illinois and now get a 10.25% discount from us as we are no longer collecting and paying sales tax in that state.


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Easy Hack For Getting Your Finances Under Control $20 At A Time

I wrote the following post in 2013 but never published it.

Six years later we are under the same precept.

Recently, we took it up farther than we ever should.

We moved our home and Windy City Parrot operations from the geographical center of Chicago to Lowell, Indiana a town of about 10,000 people surrounded by corn farms.

There’s only 5 stops light from one end of the main street (which we are on) to another.

We now have one lease instead of 2 and 4 fewer utility bills while eliminating 2 buildings to maintain.

Our State Farm vehicle insurance and business insurance dropped 50%.


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When Did Woocommerce Stop Offering Support

I am sharing this Woocommerce support thread because it is troubling.


Spoiler alert – I paraphrase “this as expected but there is no documentation”


Obviously, I question “how would one know what to expect – when there are no instructions, knowledgebase articles or documentation on the subject?


Woocommerce support  is so out of touch, I’m sent a WORDPRESS document and told to figure it out


When I click the View link on my test site, I am redirected to the Shop page on the front end of my site. (This is as expected.)


When I click the Edit link, I am redirected to the user’s profile in the admin area. That’s where I would change a customer’s address or any other information.


We do not have documentation on this. It piggy-backs on the WordPress User system. Here is more information on that:



I’m building my first Woocommerce store possibly migrating my 17-year-old ecomm store that does mid 6-figures


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Social medias recent implosion timeline



Why I see social media imploding under its own weight.


None of the big-brained internet CEO’s nor the billions of people who walk the planet with a not-so-smart-phone held out in front of them so they can interact with people not close have figured out what James Madison meant when he wrote the first amendment.


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Recap Of Google Small Business Meetup 10/09/2018 @ Tapster Chicago

Greetings Google small business event attendees.


Tapster is nothing short of amazing in how they come to market.

(although they should make their website HTTPS – we can help 🙂

I’d like to thank Google who sponsored the event, for their generosity.


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How New Web Privacy Policies Are Killing Content Creators


My YouTube channel has been abducted  – please help me find it


After beginning an upload for a 17 minute video capturing the inner workings of Animal House of Chicago, a fine veterinary hospital we spent quality time at yesterday, I moved into the kitchen for breakfast.



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Why You Don’t Know Jack About WordPress Migrations
53129331 - computer specialist working in a bright office

Why You Don’t Know Jack About WordPress Migrations

We are migrating our WordPress blog to a new host.

We will add the Woocommerce plugin and then migrate all the data from our current zen cart ecommerce store to the new woocommerce store


my short list is










I didn’t see pricing on hyve.com


I may go with 2 hosts because we have 4 

‘hobby” sites that are really small but our current site gets 100,000 page views/mo and I like dedicated servers.


Flywheel is cool (I thought) because you can build your dev site on your desktop for free and when you’re ready to go live you can just push it to their servers  – no muss no fuss,


They also have something called “Blueprint” which maps out any number plug-ins that you use on a regular basis.


They (the plug-ins) can be added to any new site with a single click


Stay tuned


I’m old enough to have a Medicare card


Yet I Lord also over a dozen websites on three hosting platforms.


I make my living in have done so from e-commerce for 15 years.


Have 400,000 social media followers because of my expertise in captive bird husbandry.


I still have a thirst to learn something new every day.


My day gig is WindyCityParrot.com, which has been around since New Year’s Eve 2002 when my wife Catherine launched it.


Since then I’ve built dozens, maybe a hundred or more websites.


You get the picture. I know e-commerce.


3 WordPress hosts – reviewed 

For a convoluted set of reasons, our current eCommerce platform is a hybrid WordPress/Zen Cart.


This combination is not working on a number of levels especially for SEO.


There are many reasons for it but I’ve suspected several which I’ve recently confirmed.


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My exit interview with MailChimp and why I’ll send a million emails a year with a new ESP

This part of the post was published August 6th, 2019


My email list upload has been rejected to the list info_507995

This list was exported from our e-commerce web site of customers who have
purchased from us
Attachment (1): (A CUSTOMER list)

11 days ago
26 Jul, 2019 at 21:18:17

Thank you for contacting GetResponse.

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your account.

In order to look into this issue for you, can you please provide the email address login of
the account in question, as well as the last four digits of the card on
file for the account?

This is to ensure that you are the account owner so that we can share account information with you.
# 28033922 / Response / Support Panel Message was sent to customer. To: [email protected]
11 days ago
26 Jul, 2019 at 21:18:17
Status change to: Answered
# 28033923 / Action / Support Panel
[email protected]
5 days ago


Thank you for the reply.

I forwarded your message to our Compliance Team
and asked them to get back to you as soon as possible.
# 28053672 / Response / Support Panel Message was sent to customer. To: [email protected]
4 days ago
02 Aug, 2019 at 08:14:52


You have reached GetResponse Compliance Team.

We regret to inform you that we will not be able to import this
contacts list.

For more details, please refer to the following information:

Our system has detected the following problems with your import:

* Policy issues. This indicates that a significant portion of your email
list contains undesirable email addresses which, if mailed to, would create reputation
and deliverability issues for all customers using our platform.

There are many types of problematic email addresses that would fall
under ‘policy issue’ category:
– bounces, invalid domains, user unknown errors
– internal/external blacklists
– frequent complainers
– spam traps
– certain role addresses
and more.

Usually, this indicates that the list has poor quality, isn’t permission-based or has gone “stale”. If you believe that your list is
permission-based, we recommend that you first clean your list with a service like BriteVerify:



— Can I get more information about why my import was rejected? —

GetResponse uses a proprietary abuse detection system called Hydra, which
analyzes billions of data pieces in real-time (email addresses, subscriber
activity, message content, user behavior and more) and makes automated
decisions based on AI algorithms that are always adapting.

Because of the proprietary nature of Hydra and because it is always
adapting due to its AI algorithms, regrettably it is not possible for us to
provide additional information about why your import was rejected (outside
of the information above).

Please note that – although your import was rejected – your account is
still open and we will accept new list imports from you.

Please note that further rejected imports may have a negative impact on your account’s
standing, so we advise to fix the problem before initiating new imports.


We are not judging your list, or your business, however there are very
strict anti-spam rules and algorithms used by email service providers that
we must respect.

This is crucial to maintain a level playing field for all
our customers, and to ensure best sending environment for all.

Thank you for your understanding.

Actually, you do not have my understanding.

I’ve been doing digital marketing since 2003 when I started sending out emails.

I’ve sent out more than 10 million emails on a half a dozen ESP’s.

Your Artificial Un Intelligence Machine Hydra is giving you false positives because I scrubed the list manually as I have done so for 16 years.

Something similar occurred on MailChimp which is why am now with getresponse apparently a poor decision in retrospect.

30 minutes prior to scheduling an email that has not missed a single Sunday and seven years I received this message from MailChimp:

“Our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, has detected an action or content in your account that may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

For more information on these violations, please review our Acceptable Use Policy”.

I was blocked from sending through MailChimp and I onboarded with GetResponse throughout one long Friday night and Saturday morning.

At least MailChimp was professional enough to work through the issue then sent the following message

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your account status, and we apologize for the delay in response.

Our automated abuse prevention system, Omnivore, detected content, keywords, or activity that can indicate the possibility of harmful information being sent through our service.

Upon review, however, we can see that the account is fine and as a result has been reinstated for continued sending. At this point, you should be good to go.

Please keep in mind that as a strictly permission based service, Mailchimp can only support sending to subscribers who have directly subscribed to your mailing list through a confirmable process (i.e. in writing), or directly purchased a product/service from you in the last 12 months. Additionally, if permission was given more than a year ago, then a bulk email must have been sent to them and not objected to within the past 12 months.

Apparently GetResponse is just going to dig in its heels citing the new Ubiquitous customer service mantra “the customer is always wrong.”


And yes you are “judging my list”, isn’t that what AI is supposed to do “judge if the data is acceptable or not?

Have you or your software team given any thought to the words you’ve used to communicate to me?

As a “communication” company, you do a lousy job of communicating.

Just because you believe we have been communicating, there is no proof communication has occurred.

This part of the post was published February 4th, 2019


We blog about pet bird care all original G rated content plus usually a “parrots in the news” curated post.


File under “you’ve been warned”


I wrote this note to our readers 2/1/19 about 11:30 PM CST


A zygodactyl footnote from mitchr.


Approximately 30 minutes prior to sending this Birdie Brunch out, the following message popped up in MailChimp


“Our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, has detected an action or content in your account that may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.


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