The Curious Migration of to Woocommerce Ep1
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The Curious Migration of to Woocommerce Ep1 is the marketing arm for

Launched midnight 12:31 2001 by my wife Catherine on a desktop storefront called Actinic 

She got her first order 6 hours later

Best practices guide us to redesign WindyCityParrot every two to three years.

 along the way the site has resided on:

Actinic desktop (now deceased) took 3 Miva hosts to stay on one for 6 years ~ WolfPaw Hosting on a dedicated server but it put us “in the cloud” the spring of 2003

PLUS Commerce (renamed most likely to evade the Tsunami of bad reviews from its prior name Goecart

3DCart ~ When they “upgraded their operating system we started losing $10,000/mo in revenue

We returned to WolfPaw Hosting on a dedicated server in Dec of 2015 and left in the summer of 2018 when they migrated to AWS but failed to purchase a blanket server security package from Amazon

and currently, we are on SiteGround.

We are leaving SiteGround because their migration to Google cloud in Iowa has been a disaster.

Thus we left each host for the same reason “you lost our trust.”

When I seek a new host I don’t rely specifically on specs but on test support response sessions.

What makes this migration “curious” is that is two distinct websites.

“What the hell does that mean”?

We use ZenCart  for eCommerce ~ our first foray into open source

and we use WordPress for our CRM ~ our second foray into open source

This is the front end of


It’s deceiving, there are actually 2 sites so managing it requires 2 dashboards (and multiple persoanilies).


This structure has prevented  CDN onboarding so all zen cart product and category images are displayed from an AWS bucket 


Story of the ZenCart 8 month build


The Curious Migration of
from ZenCart & WordPress to Woocommerce Ep1


Thus the migration is a multi-tiered process having


  • 2 sets of 301 redirects (products and categories)
  • Several databases including rewards point and product reviews performed by our ZenCart development team at Wheaton Website Services
  • Migrating from Disqus to WordPress comments
  • Overwriting of all WordPress posts onto the target site.
  • All WordPress media migrated.
  • No WordPress pages will be migrated as the target site is fully updated.


Along the way, we’re abandoning Jetpack (the story) and replacing it with ala carte plugins. 


We’ve embraced cloud computing for its scalability while blending additional custom security features provided by our security team at MageFix.


MageFix is ONLY company that went so far when they detected MX server errors, Adrian CALLED ME from Transylvania, Romania to give me a heads up on MX email GSuite server issues (from another migration), then fixed the whole mess.


In the next episode, we’ll be covering”


  • eCommerce templates
  • “Scaffolding” plugins
  • Data-driven design based on SEMRush and LuckyOrange reporting.
  • SEO and Site structure initiatives


Bonus: 115 Questions to Ask About Your eCommerce Site

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